Hello Friends. And, yes, we are so blessed to call you friends! It’s Marcia here, just recovering from Appendectomy surgery, reflecting on all the blessings in our lives. (Being stuck in a chair lends to lots of reflection time!) This past weekend celebrating our 43 rd Anniversary with a bang with all of you just made me think about so much that’s happened over the last 43 years. I
remember, before Mom and Dad even built the SpringHouse, my sisters and brother and I selling sweet corn along the road in a produce stand my great grandfather built so we could test the market to see if we could sell farm-fresh goodies in this location. I remember convincing that first group of forty cows to come on into our brand new milking parlor so we could milk
them to provide milk for our brand new SpringHouse (and they were not cooperating!). I remember the five of us popping into our new SpringHouse before school to drink chocolate milk and have a bite of ice cream before dashing out to catch the bus.

After graduating from Penn State, I remember, after we added on and were trying our hand at foodservice, discovering that we had much to learn!! (And we’re still learning!) And yet, you, our loyal customers, have stuck with us through thick and thin…enjoying our special events throughout the year, stopping by for supper or lunch many days a week, picking up milk and cookies to keep your troops happy, bringing your relatives to “show off” your local dairy store and restaurant, and encouraging us with your kind words and notes!! You’re the best!! We are looking forward to 143 more years of serving you…our loyal customers and friends!!

Love, Marcia