Hi everybody. So Mom just dragged me up to what we are calling The Sanctuary. It’s the beautiful spot on the farm where my dad was buried (on November 18, 2019) and also where Jill’s daughter Sarah is marrying her best friend this Spring. I said, “Mom, I don’t want to go up there…I’m a Land of the Living Girl!” “Come on,” she said, “Just come see how beautiful it is up there!” So I went. And she was right! It is a beautiful, peaceful spot.

She reminded me as we walked over the uneven forest floor, “Your dad’s not here, Marsh. We know where he is!” I know that… but it’s still a reminder of all that transpired that week. My tears started again as I remembered that beautiful service and the beautiful week of family and God-things and remembering my dad and the wonderfully hard and fun life we all lived together.

Did you know my Dad? So many folks have stopped me in the store to give me a hug and reminisce about him. And we have all received so many beautiful cards in which folks wrote to tell us how Dad touched their lives. Thank you thank you for all your kindness and for reminding us of the life that Dad lived. A life as a “There You Are” man who cared about every person with whom he visited. He loved “interviewing” everybody he met and learning from their life experiences. Although he never lived a rich life, he definitely lived an enriched life…enriched by all the friends and family and customers with whom he visited every day.

My mom reminded me the other day that Dad was no saint, and I assured her that I certainly knew that; he challenged us all the time to do better and be better, but I know it’s because he loved us so and wanted to prepare us for life and for running this business without him here on earth. One of my sons and I were discussing whether we can really have an impact on a culture that has changed so much since the day we opened the doors of The SpringHouse. Reading all those cards and talking to people in the store, I truly believe we all can influence our world for good by reaching out with the love of Christ to everyone around. It’s a beautiful example Dad set for our whole family.

I don’t know if you remember me writing, a year ago, about the Lord giving me the word “Cherish” for 2019. I told Him I didn’t want that word because I was afraid of what was coming down the pike. But, I’m glad to say, I embraced my 2019 word and cherished people in my life last year…especially Mom and Dad. No regrets.

This year’s word, I believe, is “Blessing”. I’m not sure if that means I’m to be a blessing (and I’m good with that) or what, but I can honestly say that the Lord has truly blessed our whole family already with so much love. Here’s to hoping you have a BLESSED year this year.