What a beautiful day it is here today!! I’m stopping by the SpringHouse (which is
closed today for Easter) and just reflecting on the last few days of the Easter rush
and how very thankful I am. Let me tell you where my attitude of gratitude is
coming from this morning. As happens once in a while, in our human-ness, we
had a few missed details for customer orders for their Easter celebration.

Thankfully, they were both noticed in a timely fashion so we could rectify the
situation. So, last night at 10:30, my sister, Tee, and I delivered a hot baked butt
half of a ham to a sweet customer off of Route 19. Then, this morning, we got a
frantic message that a customer’s ham was inadvertently not cut in half and her
guests were arriving in five hours….not enough time to get a whole smoked ham
baked! So I gathered my trusty meat-cutting saw and headed to McDonald, PA to
cut her ham in smaller pieces so it could get fully baked in time for her Easter

Stepping into the homes and lives of those two lovely ladies’ lives
made me just so appreciative for our customers that allow us to be a part of their
celebrations and everyday events too (and even their homes sometimes!). Both gals
were so thankful and welcoming and just wanting to fully serve their families a
wonderful meal today. Such precious folks our customers are. When I stepped out
of the kitchen a few times yesterday to weigh my pan of pulled ham or a half pan of
potatoes, I waved to the crowd lined up picking up their goodies and hollered,
“Happy Easter everybody!”.

The smiles, the waves, the hugs, the joy of the season
that greeted me was heartwarming in the middle of a crazy day. Thank you for
being who you are, for letting us cook for you and serve you and love you. You’re
the best!!